About Us

Our History

The history of our Truckstop goes back to the early 1950s when our founder Attilio (Leo) Prestia migrated from Italy to Crossroads NSW Australia. Leo’s humble beginnings began in the mid 60s alongside his wife Rosa and children by acquiring a roadside store on the existing Crossroads site. Leo reopened this 1930s built store and started selling fruit and vegies to the locals. By the mid 70’s a new F5 freeway was born passing by Leo’s store. Truck Drivers and travelers started to use the F5 for their trips southbound. Leo’s Roadside store was their preferred stop for refreshments, being the last stop before the freeway.

In 1997, Uncle Leo’s grew to a full-fledged roadhouse, providing high quality fuel, convenience store & quality food, with over 12000sqm of parking, offering male & female showers, laundry and lounge areas.

With family ethics and quality assurance still maintained, Leo’s children Lisa, Joe and Sam operate the business 24 hours 7 Days a week with over 30 employees.

Now expanding across N.S.W, Uncle Leo’s Roadhouse is very well known & recommended by many truck drivers and travelers as a warm and welcoming place to stop and refresh for their journey ahead.